Sketch and draw with anybody around the world, at the same time.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Sketch and share your drawing(s) with others. Let them see your work as it progresses in real time. It’s easy. Click START, share your link and start drawing. All those with whom you shared your link will immediately see what you are drawing. They too can draw and contribute to your work,  one at a time or simultaneously.
When to use LinkSketch?
Draw together across the world in real time
Draw a sketch or comment a picture during your phone call or telco conference.
Share your link and every connected person can draw into the shared sketch at the same time, as changes are discussed.
Use different layers for different participants' contribution to a sketch.
Use passwords for confidential data and sharing.
Connect from any device - computer, laptop, tablet or your smart phone.
Online lessons
Prepare your lesson excercise and share it or draw while you talk.
Each student will see your presentation on his tablet and will still be able to access it later at home.
Use read only mode for your presentation or let your students get hands-on experience.
Comment a printscreen online
Commenting a printscreen online has been made easier and faster.
Just create a printscreen, paste into Linksketch, share and comment.
Use different layers for different people and ideas.
Make a screen flow
Build your application’s or system’s online help by creating screen flows.
Take advantage of the infinite whiteboard space to create any diagrammatic representation of your work.
Use read only mode and passwords for confidential data.
Draw with your childern
Have fun with your children (babies, toddlers) and let them draw on your touch screen. A drawing board for your children, anywhere, anytime. Just a click away on your phone, computer or laptop.
There is always space for another picture.
LinkSketch is free. For registered users, each sketch is stored for upto 3 months. All sketches older than 3 months will be automatically deleted. To extend the storage period for all your sketches, a fee of $1 per month is charged.